The Craziest News Stories of 2021

If you are curious about some of the craziest news stories that took place in 2021 and made headlines around the world, continue reading to discover the craziest news stories which took place. Some of which you may struggle to believe.


Tiger King’s nemesis Carol’s missing husband is discovered in Central America:

In the first season of Tiger King which was released in 2020, the title character claims that his nemesis Carole Baskin killed her husband, who hasn’t been seen in years. After the release of Tiger King, the general public looked Joe Exotic who is also known as Tiger King as the hero of the TV series and Carole was universally mocked and accused of killing her husband. Despite the fact that Joe was incarcerated for allegedly paying a man to kill off Carole. Fast forward to the present day and Carole’s missing husband Don Lewis has been proven to be alive and well, in Costa Rica. Which clears Carole of the murder accusations which she faced for over a year.

Six children are killed in a bouncy castle incident in Tasmania, Australia:

In December of 2021, six children tragically lost their lives when the bouncy castle which they were playing on at an end of year celebration at their school, was picked up by a freak gust of wind and hurtled 10 meters in the air. While at first just 5 out of 9 children were killed, since the incident another child died in hospital with two more children in intensive car. However, one child has recovered enough to be in stable condition and has been released home to spend Christmas with their family.

Saudi Arabia chose to ban camels from a beauty contest for having cosmetic procedures:

In Saudia Arabia officals made to move to ban 40 camels from competing in a popular beauty contest for camels after it was discovered that they had undergone various cosmetic procedures. Examples of which include botox and fillers. What makes this story even more unbelievable is that the prize for the owner of the winning camel is a staggering $66 million dollars. Which may help you understand why so many camel owners were willing to go to such extreme lengths in order to try and win a beauty contest for camels.

Latin pop sensation Shakira had her bag stolen by boars:

It sounds too crazy to be true but Colombian pop sensation Shakira had her purse stolen by a pack of wild boars who were running through the streets of Barcelona, where Shakira was vacationing. In recent years wild boars have been infiltrating the city of Barcelona and are known for their aggressive nature. As a result the local council is seeking to cull the numbers of wild boars before they rise further.

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